Project Description

The Personal Assistant App, CallforMe, makes the calls you do not want to make, sends the messages you need at the time you need without needing to be pending, all the actions scheduled with the time you want in advance, so you never Nothing will happen to you, in addition to having a Calendar / Agenda, where all your tasks, events, calls and messages are reflected, CallforMe notifies you with the advance notice that you determine and notifies you in the way you select, as standard notification or you make call to you, according to the priority of said event. It’s like having your own secretary or secretary!
The only App that calls for you
Whether it’s for time, for a change, for a surprise, or because you can not speak for an impediment, CallforMe will call for you, even if you are without a battery, disconnected or out of coverage. It’s something extraordinary, that CallforMe speaks for you in your name.

My personal assistant

CallforMe stores in your calendar all the calls, messages and tasks you need and alerts you at the time you indicate, even calling yourself to tell you or call you whoever you want to landlines or mobile phones, it’s like having your secretary or secretary I love

Security in your information

CallforMe is designed for all audiences, students, entrepreneurs, friends … The use and needs of CallforMe adapt to each user independently. All data is stored in your database, an encryption system keeps your data safe and only accessible with your username and password, and thus keep your privacy safe.

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